To My Student’s Parents: A Drop in the Bucket


My father used to say, ” Take your hand out of a bucket of sand and see what kind of impression you leave.” As pessimistic as that might sound, my father was a realistic military man, it taught me to look at what I did as a small part of a shifting world.
As a teacher with twenty years experience, with the last fifteen being as an art teacher in a public school elementary, I have found that the one thing you can count on and need to embrace is change. Like it or not, the time you have to teach that one student is fleeting. Like inspiration, that teachable moment needs to be seized when it happens. Not wasted, lest the shifting sands of these student’s lives takes them away from you. So, in between fire drills, testing, cheerleader tryout announcements and teacher in-service sessions, I hope to capture that one moment that will make the difference in that student’s life. And in mine.
So, with a nod to my father’s wise and pragmatic advice, I prefer to look at my job as an art teacher as filling a bucket one drop at a time. Both the student’s bucket and mine.


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