Full Circle


It is an amazing thing when a project takes root and becomes part of your life. My teaching partner, Skipper Bennett and I are working on a two year project. Pretty scary commitment, that amount of time, but worth every second when you get the backing and support of your Principal, Superintendent and School Board.

We have fourteen 6th grade student artists working on Full Circle right now. They were hand-selected and come to us for only 30 minutes a day to work on phase one of this project, which we hope to have completed by May. Strike that…we WILL have completed by May.

Here’s what it entails:

A Sculpture Honoring the Mineral Wells Independent School District

by Travis Elementary 6th Grade Advanced Art Students

Teachers say it and think it every day.  “Let’s bring this idea full circle.” Principals, counselors and school nurses say it and think it every day. Parents expect us to close gaps in knowledge, make the connections happen; help the student go from understanding, to everyday application, to breaking new boundaries. District leaders plan, our cafeteria employees nourish minds and workers maintain the buildings that house those teachable moments. From the first day of school, each day is a chance to bring learning from every subject and grade level full circle to complete the student’s understanding of their world. “Full Circle”. Now visualize a sculpture that honors that circle and the path our students walk to that circle.

“Full Circle” – Phase I (Installed May 2015)

The twelve columns in the circle represent the traditional twelve years of public school education. The columns are graduated in height and color to represent our youngest to oldest students. The circle also represents all those in the District that work together each year to bring our students through the timeless cycle of knowledge. Each school is honored by name on the side of the column. Each student is honored in their place on the circle. The color of the tile-clad columns graduates in tone to the bright Ram Red on our four high school columns. Each column will be a lasting symbol of the combined work of the community, school district and students to achieve goals and prepare for whatever the future brings.

 “The Path” – Phase II (Installed May 2016)

A group of fourteen columns winds its way up to the circle. Facing slightly southwest, the direction that all the campuses are located in the city, “The Path” honors the steps along the way to the circle. It honors each year our students spend learning, from Pre-K, Kindergarten, and then 1st through 12th grade. Each campus and all their work is honored by a column that increases in intensity of red and increases in height as our students grow. The path represents a natural progression of education that flows like a riverbed to its final destination, “Full Circle”.


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