Valentine’s Day Soother

heartEver have a school day that you KNOW is going to be a challenge? Think Valentines Day this year. Challenges: 2:20 in the afternoon I have two 4th grade classes back to back. It’s Valentine’s Day. They have already had their party and many students leave. Chocolate and sugar. Lots of it. It is a Friday. It’s Friday the 13th. Talk about a perfect storm.

So I was looking for a transition to a kinder, quieter world in my art class. Leave behind the hyper, emotion-laden world of who got how many Valentines and who ate the most candy my child before you float or rather buzz down the hallway to my room.

And like the sweetest of bonbons…. I found it…. In a kind, gentle story called “Someone Loves You Mr. Hatch” on YouTube. By Storyline Online.

OK, I may be the only teacher in the world who did not know about this little book by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz. Lovely illustrations. Lovely words. The YouTube video is 11:28 minutes, narrated by Hector Elizondo.

Great themes in those eleven and one-half minutes; compassion for others, self-realization, creating your own future, the beauty of illustrations. This simple story made my day and I think the student’s day too. It became an instant go-to for me for 4th grade Valentine’s Day to bring the “all about me” aspect of the holiday to an “all about us” kind of world. Make someone else happy and you’ll be happy too.

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