The Studio – Day 17

Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of?

Address one of your worst fears.

I have a studio in my mind. In the spare garage room next to my house, it is filled with tables and racks for my brushes and paints. I can leave my canvas and drawing board out if I want to. I can be messy there. Really, it’s OK.

All teachers must reach technology level 5. Writing must be improved this year.
You are assigned morning hallway duty every morning from 8:40 to 8:55.
You also have weekly afterschool car pick up duty in the car pick up lane.
Make sure your bulletin board is completed. You need to have work from each student displayed at open house.

My studio has an old couch and a soft comforter for me and my cat when my muse is silent and a cat nap beckons. It is quiet. Books are stacked by the table with a reading lamp. No phones or computers are allowed in my studio…well, not counting my Kindle. OK, I’m rethinking this…I need my laptop. And my digital camera.

Please be sure you have documented all the accommodations for each six weeks.
One grade per student must be recorded each week.

Grades are due by 8:00. Please back up your computer attendance with a paper grade book. Send a copy of the paper attendance for your 10 O’clock class to the school secretary each 6 weeks.
Be sure to sign up to work at one of the student socials.

My studio has beautiful morning light streaming from the windows and bouncing onto the ceiling and a fan for white noise. It has dried lavender hanging and a small frig with soft drinks chilling.

Differentiate your instruction. Use deeper level questioning techniques and stay in the power zone.
Post your lesson plans by 8:00 a.m. every Monday morning. Paper copy to the office. Make sure you use the “We will…I will…” format correctly.
Turn in your completed technology inventory listing bar codes before you leave today.
Sign up for the book study.
Bring your ESL certification up to date.

My studio also holds my husband’s rosewood marimba and Chinese cup gongs, whose vibrations sing softly in the wind. He will play while I paint. We will eat lunch on the patio outside the studio and laugh at the birds on the feeders.

Yearly step raises may go away. Contracts won’t be coming out till May. But all is well.
You teach art? That can’t be compensated according to test scores, they’ll probably have a different scale for those who aren’t core teachers.
You didn’t call the parents?

I’m afraid I will never actually be in my studio.


One thought on “The Studio – Day 17

  1. I can so totally relate to this. I just moved into the most beautiful home, on a very quiet, peaceful street and my dream (that I’m working on turning into a reality) is to work from home writing. As I read your piece I was right there with you…please spend more time in your studio…so good for the soul! Great piece.

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