The Multitasking Brain Takes a Nap

202747544_a568b2781cI ran across this bit of a comment in my family cookbook next to a recipe for marinated cucumbers. The weeks before summer can reduce the most qualified teaching brain to mush, but it seems holidays are also a brain break time for me.

Teaching can reduce the most articulate of adults to a blithering idiot. The other day I was trying to cut mats for artwork while my 5th grade students were making Christmas cards. It was late December, the kids were excited and were chattering away like squirrels on caffeine. I had asked them not to interrupt me, work independently (in other words, don’t talk to me). One student, Diana, was making a card whose verse evidently included the word “cucumber”. I didn’t ask why. I was concentrating on a mat with X-acto knife in hand and she kept asking me..” How do you spell cucumber?”, “ How do you spell cucumber?” After about 10 minutes of this my capacity for rational thought expired and I responded in an exasperated voice… “QU….QUM….BER!” She said, “What?” I said “QU…QUM….BER”. She looked at me like you would regard an escaped mental patient and the rest of the students started laughing. I had to say…”What?” They finally explained. A stellar moment in my teaching career. I do know how to spell cucumber.

photo credit: cucumbers via photopin (license)


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