The End of the Year…and Nemo

There is something about this time of the school year, the last week, that makes you wonder about your sanity. So as I sit, slightly dazed, in my room at this moment, I was wondering about the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been asked to do as a teacher. And I remember it. A very rational colleague of mine came to me and asked if I would paint something for the United Way campaign.

“Sure”, says I, and this totally reasonable colleague whips out a toilet. Well not exactly whips out…the school maintenance person wheeled it down on a cart, on the night of open house mind you, to be stored in my room. I did what any rational person would do. We hid it in the science lab.

The idea was ingenious; paint a NEW, UNUSED toilet in a creative way and have it parked in front of each teacher’s door. It would cost them a donation to have it moved to another teachers door. Of course since this is a voluntary thing at our school you could opt out of the toilet appearing in your doorway. The kids loved it and I assume we made some money for United Way.

I had a student teacher that year so she very kindly assisted in the painting of Nemo. Can’t you just hear her telling her art education class about the fun thing her teacher had her do……

And so, I give you Nemo.

photo 2photo


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