Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk
Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk

There are those moments when you realize how disconnected you are to the natural world. One of the reasons I love living in rural Texas is the chance  for nature to reach out and shake me awake.

This past August I walked to my garden room window because I caught the motion of big wings out of the corner of my eye. This beautiful hawk had lit on our waterfall/pond in the front yard. I held my breath as I backed away to get my camera, praying he would still be there when I got back. Not only was he still there, he stayed about ten minutes while I snapped away through the window. You can feel the intensity of these majestic birds and it was thrilling to see one of them so close. His last gift to me (which I was not quick enough to capture) was him snagging a frog out of our pond as he lifted off. I still hear him calling around the house. I think the frogs are awake now too.

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