Rock Around, Dance Around, Smile Around

As I have seen posted a lot over the past few days, teachers in the United States had the perfect storm this week; a full moon, Red Ribbon Week and Halloween coming.  I felt gray hairs sprouting. But no, for my school, Travis Elementary, Friday was a happy day. We rocked.

A little background. Red Ribbon Week, if you do not know, is a drug prevention week, first started to honor the sacrifice of DEA agent Enrique “Kikki” Camarena. Mr. Camarena was murdered in 1985 by the drug cartels in Mexico. Red Ribbon Week is a way to honor his memory and teach the horror of drug use to children. Each day of Red Ribbon Week has a theme, drug prevention messages and a corresponding costume. Friday was 50’s Day. Rock N Roll is our school theme this year, so that helped.

Picture hundreds of miniature James Deans and Sandra Dees wandering the halls. Lots of poodle skirts and Pink Lady jackets. A few June Cleavers sprinkled in for spice. Lots of little guys in black jackets, white T-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and tucked into blue jeans.flash mob 2

Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders had a special treat for their teachers.

the teachers
Arinda, Cody, Fredia, Melanie and Debbie

We had a 50’s flash mob. This goodie was presented through the hard work of our amazingly energetic and creative music teachers, Cody Jordan and Melanie Stubblefield, with the assistance of our P.E. teachers, Fredia Sneed, Arinda Crawford and Debbie Spoon. Our incredible Principal, Natalie Griffin gave the needed approval. Since September, these ladies have been teaching a short 50’s dance routine to “Rock Around the Clock” to all three grade levels. They would practice during P.E. class once a week and spring the surprise on Friday October 30th. The students did this in secret; no other teachers were to know the surprise. If you have ever tried to get over 200 students to do the same thing at the same time, you’ll get an idea of what an extraordinary feat this was. And a work out. These kids were sweating by the time they finished dancing and they were smiling.

The plan was to have all grade levels, around 750 students, converge on the track infield and do this routine for their teachers. Alas, mother nature spoiled the plan with torrential rains on Friday. So each grade level got to do their surprise in the cafeteria for their teachers.

So Flash Mob 50’s Friday happened, and the joy of it was, they had a blast! That excess energy of the perfect storm week was put into exercise and a positive message instead of not so fun tricks.

Mrs. Jordan tied it all up neatly by reminding the kids that they did this as a group as a gift to their teachers and that this was what it felt like to do things as a family. The Travis family. Rock N’ Roll!

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