What Do Students Expect: 7 Things All Teachers Should Know

This lady makes real sense here. This helped me today, when I needed to reconnect to my student’s feelings. I love the video clips too.
Thanks K Renae P.

Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.

What Do Students Expect- 7 Things All Teachers Should Know

Being a thoughtful practitioner is an essential trait of an effective educator. Understanding, listening, and valuing students’ voices are all skills good professionals explore and develop.

At the beginning of the school year teachers often share with students the expectations they have. Teachers let the students know exactly what rules, procedures, routines, and the high goals s/he has set. But how often do teachers listen to the students’ expectations of them?

Sometimes it is hard to hear what students think of us as classroom leaders. I believe there is a partnership in any classroom, and that partnership should be respected and valued on both ends. I also believe in student voice, and I think it is only fair that there is a discussion about teacher AND student expectations in the classroom.

A few years ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook an image from her Pintrest. It was an image of questions…

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