Roadrunner Spa

My large kitchen window provides a great view of our big grassy back yard that borders with a large pasture. Living in the Texas countryside we have daily visits from the local wildlife; one of my favorites being the Roadrunner, actually we believe a nesting pair, that have been coming to our backyard for several years.

I started noticing this odd bird behavior. The roadrunners would be walking around the yard and grabbing up grasshoppers and other insects (fine by me) and then just stop and lift all their back feathers up and out and just sit still for a while.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website, All about Birds tells me that they are sunbathing. How cool is that? My backyard is a Roadrunner Spa. These considerate guests also have the endearing habit of killing snakes for breakfast. I have yet to find their nest, but Cornell tells me they mate for life and live about seven years. So welcome, no reservations needed.

Another tidbit is that the Pueblos considered the Roadrunner a sacred symbol. Their unique footprint; two toes facing forward, two facing backward confuses the evil spirits about which way the Roadrunner is going. Hard for evil spirits to follow. I’m all for that.

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