Chocolate Chips

Semi-sweet_chocolate_chipsLooking over the top of my screen I see my husband of almost thirty-eight years is washing dishes. He does the dishes every day, by hand. We have a dishwasher mind you, but he says he gets them cleaner. You have to love that.

We have a routine, he and I, on the weekends and on school holidays (this is spring break). We have our morning coffee at the kitchen table and watch the birds at the feeder in our backyard. Baileys in my coffee (on weekends and holidays only…or else I wouldn’t be working) none in his. No computer during this time. We talk. Then he does the dishes. And I blog or surf.

He’s retired from a career in teaching now, but I’m still teaching. So every morning, we have coffee together and sometimes he packs my lunch…like Friday, where in addition to the leftovers in the  plastic tub; he gave me a baggie full of chocolate chips.

How do you know you married the right man? When he gives you a baggie of chocolate chips in your lunch and you are a teacher…the day before spring break starts.

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