The Daily Prompt: Flow

Fridge_Outline_clip_art_mediumConsider the humble refrigerator, which in my house is a combo food storage unit and bulletin board. More than a dozen clippies cling to the white surface like mountain climbers, from whose steely grip flows the curious flotsam of my life. Menus from local restaurants, a business card for the vet, the septic service (don’t lose that one for God’s sake) and a bit of a baby shower announcement. Magnetic cards for local tradesmen join more important items, like a list of our medications. In a fit of hypochondria I’m sure I read some where that when the paramedics burst in your home to rescue you, they will stop and peruse the refrigerator offering to find a life-saving list of your medicines.  On the other hand it’s more likely that this is the only place I can put that list where I won’t lose it. It is hard to lose a refrigerator. The school calendar where I teach and the set of convoluted instructions on how to request a substitute on a computer system oddly named Aesop.We do actually post a weekly menu from time to time, when we have planned well enough to have meal options. More of a guideline than a menu.

A little bit of my life history flows down the door too. A favorite letter from my mother, who died in 2006, my sister’s address, lists of projects and honey-dos that get rewritten and covered over. An angel magnet made from shells imprinted with the word “Dad”. A list of frequently-called numbers for a city we no longer live in. A list of my makeup with a color swatch attached. It takes too darn long to have them redo it.  A heart -shaped magnet that says ” Bless Our Home” in curling letters.

You know that credit card commercial that says “What’s in your wallet?” I’m actually more curious about what flows down your refrigerator door.

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