Bad Hair Day


Repetition of shapes, lines and colors is one of the strongest organizing principles in art and it takes practice to see it and create it.

A simple and fun drawing exercise called Bad Hair Day on The Incredible Art Department website helps bring this concept into focus.

Fun, because everyone can relate to “bad hair day” and useful because it emphasizes the use of a repeated shape as a pattern. The “hair” is divided into at least five sections. Each section must have a different pattern in it.

This started out as a sub project, but my 5th and 6th grade students enjoyed it so much we continued the project over several says. Here are the results.

5 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

  1. Wonderful drawings. What fun… again. Your name, dstrandberg, looks like my name minus two letters. d(yk)stra. It always causes me to do a double-take. It loos like a “mashed up” dykstra and berg. My maiden name was Judy K. Dykstra so if I wrote judykstra–it had much the same effect. Everything there–just mashed together.

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