There seems to be no end to the trouble in my teacup this day. A cherished family member is seriously weakened. A beloved pet is sick. Several friends have ones that are struggling either with their health or in their heart. A long term goal keeps slipping out of my husband’s reach. He has worked so hard and is so tired from this struggle. But he is strong and will see it through.

I know there are far worse problems and broken dreams than those little eddies in my teacup. So I am sitting looking at the stars tonight and remembering what a tiny blip in the vastness of time this day has been and it will soon be past. And that peace is my strength and understanding is a blessing that always comes through time.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. I sense your sadness, Debra, and there are times when we all feel overwhelmed with concern and disappointment. My day today seems to mimic your yesterday. i don’t know how to fix all that troubles so many, but I know that this too shall pass.

    Hug George for me! He is a precious man with a kind heart who deserves to see his goals fulfilled! Sometimes it’s difficult to understand life and why disappointing things keep happening to good people. If I were a genie, I’d gladly grant George his most cherished wish.

    Have a wonderfully rewarding school year. You were born to be an art teacher!

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