Lucky Hearts


There are a few moments in life where you stop and realize how lucky you are. I had two moments like that at work this week, where friends did something nice for me, just because they are friends. First it was Carolyn, who crocheted me the darned cutest donkey I have ever seen. donk

Not because she had to or because I asked her to, she did it out of the kindness of her heart. I have four miniature donkeys that I adore, you see. A clichéd phrase, “out of the kindness of your heart”, but this tiny technicolor donkey poked into my teaching mailbox made my day. Carolyn has the biggest, most caring heart. She is crocheting animals for all the teachers at Travis.


Then in the same week, Arinda stopped by to give me a snuggly blanket she had made for me with photos from my Facebook page. Arinda, a gifted teacher and coach, retired last year. We have shared many a laugh and a few tears as part of the great Fine Arts team at Travis Elementary in Mineral Wells, Texas. This picture is of a Fine Arts Team lunch a few years back. Look at how relaxed those faces are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


These moments made me stop again and marvel at the extraordinary people I have had the luck to work with in the past and still work with at Travis. It is true that the people you work with make all the difference in how happy you are at work. We all come to the table with different gifts, different personalities, different challenges but somehow it works. I am grateful for friends like these.

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