I look forward to the migration of the butterflies through Texas towards Mexico each year. There always seems to be one day when clouds of butterflies descend on the sunflower-like flowers that consume our front pasture. I compete with the photobombing donkey Poco to get some shots of this beauty every year.

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Poco stops to smell the flowers.





Hummingbird Moth

One of the great things about our Moonflower vine this fall is that it attracts huge hummingbird moths. They are hard to catch, but I managed to get one shot of a visitor this weekend in our Weatherford, Texas garden

Hummingbird moth at dusk.
This cool weather has caused the bloom to increase.
Such gorgeous flowers.



Riding the Waves

Frog PairWe lost most of the pond frogs in my front yard pond last winter when an unexpectedly hard freeze sealed the top of the pond for too  long. I missed their chirping in the evenings. Now all of a sudden we have a population boom in my Texas pond. A dozen or more frogs make a splashy exit every time I get too close. This morning I was lucky to snap a few family shots. They have my permission to eat all the mosquitos they want.

Family Group