The Melon and Other Disasters

On the Move

We have a disaster happening in our back yard judging by the sounds.  The neighbor’s flock of guinea hens is moving through the tall grass at about nine in the morning while we are having our Saturday morning coffee.  Picture the scene in the first ICE AGE animated movie, where the dodos rush to save their last melon and you’ll get an idea of the scene.

RALPHThe lookout guinea has spotted  some imaginary danger and is screeching at the top of its lungs. People in the Texas countryside prize this noise. No one can sneak up on you with a flock of guineas around. We have no problem with this because each guinea hen eats its weight in voracious grasshoppers and other bugs. They also kill snakes. Come on over my friends.

These birds always seem to be in a state of panic about something. Reminds me of some people I know.

Snow White

My husband and I look at each other each time we see them and simultaneously shout, “The melon, the melon!” and laugh (is this as weird as it sounds?) We love their visits.