This started out to be a place to write about my work as an elementary art teacher in rural Texas, but now it is much more. As I reach the end of my years as a teacher these pages hold my teaching experiences, where I hope they may help someone else.

Now this is also the somewhere where I talk about my favorite things, people and places, while listening for the voices in the wind, your voices and my inner voice, that will guide my next steps.

I like what I hear.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Debra, I’m just thinking about you. Have you been writing this summer. For some reason I haven’t seen a post or comment from you for a while. Just summer busy? Will you be back to teaching soon? Missing you.


  2. Thank you Oneta. I have been just summer busy but I have not given up on my blog. Gearing up for school which starts for me next Monday with a week of in-service. As usual, I am looking forward to the start of the year. I do better with a schedule. Free-time makes me lazy. I a have been writing a little bit…my great American novel…not finished but started…and of course doing lesson plans.

    How have you been?


    • Doing fine. As I said I have missed you. Last week I posted a blog called “Enough Already.” When I didn’t get a response from you, I decided to check you out. I expected you to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. I’d like your opinion. It was true for me also during my teaching years that I never accomplished nearly as much in summer as during the school year. Having a day in front of me to procrastinate into, was much too inviting!


    • Thanks, You too have a great blog. I know you are concerned about the direction our country has taken. I have faith in the democratic process and the safeguards that are built into our constitution. Keep being involved.


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