A new day. Retired from teaching art. Rebeginning..is that a word?….myself as an artist, friend, wife, sister….person I intended to be. Precious time now to think, draw, paint, repaint and view my world with new eyes. Like this day, fresh breezes are blowing away cobwebs. Colors look fresh and the possibilities are endless.


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  1. Debra, I’m just thinking about you. Have you been writing this summer. For some reason I haven’t seen a post or comment from you for a while. Just summer busy? Will you be back to teaching soon? Missing you.


  2. Thank you Oneta. I have been just summer busy but I have not given up on my blog. Gearing up for school which starts for me next Monday with a week of in-service. As usual, I am looking forward to the start of the year. I do better with a schedule. Free-time makes me lazy. I a have been writing a little bit…my great American novel…not finished but started…and of course doing lesson plans.

    How have you been?


    • Doing fine. As I said I have missed you. Last week I posted a blog called “Enough Already.” When I didn’t get a response from you, I decided to check you out. I expected you to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. I’d like your opinion. It was true for me also during my teaching years that I never accomplished nearly as much in summer as during the school year. Having a day in front of me to procrastinate into, was much too inviting!


    • Thanks, You too have a great blog. I know you are concerned about the direction our country has taken. I have faith in the democratic process and the safeguards that are built into our constitution. Keep being involved.


  3. I see you were visiting me today. Thanks for coming. Are you doing well? Still blogging? I haven’t seen anything for some time. Hope you are still spreading good things to your students. They need good teachers like you.


    • Oneta I retired at the end of last school year. I loved my job, but I decided I would be spending my time now with my husband of 40 years and painting and writing. So I am taking a watercolor class with an artist in Fort Worth and will begin blogging again when I figure out how to rework my blog page a little to reflect “the new me”. Glad to hear from you! Hope this note finds you happy and healthy. 🙂


      • It will be a lose to the kiddies but I dare say you will find a ministry of good for someone. Perhaps adults who share your talents and interests. Retirement is great, especially if it is filled with activities you love. Blessings on your future. When you get back, look me up. I plan to be around for some time yet! 😀

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